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2 Course Set Lunch Menu

2 Course Set Lunch Menu

A Fantastic 2 Course Set Lunch Menu

2 Course Set Lunch

Choose any starters and main course. Please note the price is per person. If you share a starter and main course we have to charge for each person

2 Course Set Lunch Menu


(VN) Traditional Moroccan Mezze - simply popular

Our mezze includes hummus, zaalouk, mashouia, shickshouka tabouleh, marinated feta cheese, barba, laadas, bakkoula, khezzou m’shernal’, olives and pita

Briouat lalla Fatima

A great combination of kofta briouat, Or (V) goat cheese black olive briouat, served with falafel, hommos, house salad garnish, Moroccan salsa, jben and flat bread.

Merguez bel adaas

Grilled Moroccan sausages served with tomato and herby green lentils and our special bread with spicy herrissa on a side.

(V) Home Made Harira

Harira is traditional Moroccan soup, rich in minerals and vitamins, made with lentils, vermicelle, Chickpeas, coriander and aromatic spices, served with flavoured bread

(N) Lamb Sambouic

Pastry filled with minced lamb and pine nuts

(V) Falafel

Deep- fried bean and chickpeas, served with our own style Hommos and tahini sauce

B’tata Maamra - Zhor style

Potato skins served with jben and choice of: kofta & cheese or (V) Baba ganouj & halloumi


Charcoal grilled marinated spiced chicken wings served with J’ben

(V) Tquitaat Darna

Baba ghannouj, fresh herby olives, and Moroccan hommos, salad garnish and khobz msharmal

(V) Khobz bjben

Halloumi, roasted peppers on Baba gannouj toasted bread

2 Course Set Lunch Menu

Main Course

(N) Tagine djaj Bel Barkouk

Chicken tagine with prunes, saffron, ginger, roasted almonds, sesame seeds. Served with saffron rice or cous-cous

(N) Moroccan kofta M’kaoura

A marvellous marinated meatball dish cooked in a Moroccan tomato and herb style sauce. Served with saffron rice and almonds

(N) Tagine Begri bel mashmash

Moroccan Beef style tagine with caramelised onions, apricots, raisins, sprinkled with roasted flaky almonds, and sesame seeds. Served with saffron rice or Cous Cous

(V) Cous Cous dyal walida

This wonderful dish includes seven original vegetables served with Tunisian Herrissa, marinated raisins and homemade sauce on the side

(N) Moroccan Chicken Kadra

Typical Moroccan chicken dish cooked in coriander sauce, saffron ginger, butter ghee, chickpeas and almonds. Served with saffron rice

(V) Vegetarian Tagine

Seasonal vegetables cooked in ginger, cinnamon and coriander sauce served with marinated dry fruits and homemade sauce

Moroccan Chicken shawarma

A rolled soft tortilla bread filled with spicy chicken, sliced peppers, onions and cheese, served with house salad , jben and sharmoula harra

Add an Optional Drink

House Wine

The following charges apply

Glass of any colour House Wine (175 ml)

Add Glass of house Wine (175ml) for only -

Glass of any colour House Wine (250 ml)

Add Glass of house Wine (250ml) for only -

Add an optional dessert

Tea and baklawas

The following charges apply

Mint tea and baklawas

Add Mint tea and baklawas for only -