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Party Menu

Party Menu

Tagine Zhor Party Menu

Minimum of 8 people

Party Menu

Price per person for a minimum of 8 guests.


To Begin

(V) Nibbles

Moroccan Hommos, baba Ganouj, marinated Olives, served with pita

Party Menu

Our famous MEZZE to share

Party Menu

Meaty Mezze

Follow with our famous mezze to share

(N) Kofta M’kaoura

A marvelous marinated meat ball dish cooked in a Moroccan tomato and herb style sauce, topped with roasted almonds

Kemroon M’shermal

Lightly pan-fried large king prawns in garlic butter, hint of fresh chilies, olive oil, tossed in our blend of herbs and spices

Jawaneh M’shwiyeen

Charcoal- grilled marinated spiced chicken wings

(N) Briwat belham

An assortment of filo pastries stuffed with kemroun ‘n’ vermicelle herby kofta, and chicken bastilla. All served with sharmoula harra and jben

Party Menu

Vegetarian Mezze

Follow with our famous mezze to share

(NV) Shlada mnaoua “Simply rich with flavors and spices”

Zaalouk, meshouia, taktouka, hommos Maghribi, taboulet, laadas, barba, bakoula, Khizzou m’shermal, marinated feta cheese with pesto, wrak inab

(NV) Tabsil Zhor

A great combination of a very traditional Mediterranean snacks with spinach fatayeh and vegetarian kibbeh

(V) Falafel

Deep- fried broad bean and chickpeas

(V) Briwat belkhoudra

A mix of filo pastries stuffed with goat cheese, olives,’n’ herbs; and fresh herby spinach and feta. All Served with sharmoula harra and jben

Party Menu

Then Main

Your choice of: (choose one)

(N) Tagine lham Bel Barkook

Lamb tagine with caramelised prunes, slow cooked in saffron ginger, cinnamon, boiled eggs sprinkled with almonds and sesame

Tagine Djej B’zetoun

A small chicken cooked in preserved lemon comfit, Moroccan olives, and coriander sauce

(N) Beef Tagine Bel khokh Wa louz M’kalli

Moroccan Beef style tagine with caramelised onions apricots, raisins, sprinkled with roasted almonds, and sesame seeds

(V) Vegetarian tagine

Seasonal vegetables, saffron ginger and coriander sauce served with dry fruits

Kofta Tagine

Home-made minced meat balls cooked in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and aromatic spices topped with baked egg

Tagine Begri Ba Jelbana Wal Artichoux

Traditional beef tagine with green peas, new potatoes and artichoke hearts and Moroccan spices

(N) Tagine djaj bel mashmash wa louz m’kalli - Lala Zhor way

Tagine of half small chicken with caramelized apricots and raisins, sprinkled with roasted pine nuts, and sesame seeds

(V) S’csou Dyal Mema “Excellent treat for Vegetarians and vegans”

This wonderful dish includes seven original vegetables, served with Tunisian Herrissa, marinated raisins and homemade sauce on the side

(N) B’stila D’jej

Traditional royal sweet. Filo pastry of boneless chicken and almonds with saffron sauce baked until crisp and finished with a sugar and cinnamon coating. Served with house salad and sauce on a side

Poisson Du Jour

Whole filleted Sea bass tagine marinated with our own herbs and spices baked in an herby tomato sauce, hint of fresh chilli, potato, carrots, peppers, onions and Moroccan olives

Spiced Chicken shawarma our own style

Served on sizzling skillet, warm tortilla, homemade sharmoula harra, mozzarella, jben, herby green lentils and lettuce.

To mark the end of the meal


Moroccan coffee or fresh mint tea and baklawas

A single plate of sweet pastries dripping in honey or dusted in icing sugar would mark the end of the meal before fresh Moroccan coffee or mint tea is served.