A Small Selection of Authentic Moroccan


Zhor Hot Mezze platters for 2 to share (v)

An assortment of potato skins filled with zaalouk ‘n’ cheese or (V) Baba gannouj ‘n’ halloumi cheese, pumpkin kibbeh, cheesesamboussic, falafel, Goat cheese, black olives spinach and feta briwats, and flavoured bread, Served with jben and sharmoula harra.

Meaty Zhor Hot Mezze platters for 2 to share

A great combination of Lamb kibbeh, kofta and chicken bastilla briwats, spiced jwaneh; prawns mshermal and koftam’kaoura

Our Famous Traditional Moroccan Mezze (v)(n)
For 1 £14.50 | For 2 £27.50

Simply rich with flavours and spices

Tagine lham Bel Barkook

Lamb tagine with caramelised prunes, slow cooked in saffron, ginger, cinnamon, boiled eggs sprinkled with roasted almonds and sesame seeds.

Tagine Djej B’zetoun

A small chicken cooked in preserved lemon comfit, Moroccan olives, and coriander sauce.

Vegetarian tagine (v)

Seasonal vegetables, saffron ginger and coriander sauce served with dry fruits

Kofta Tagine

Homemade minced meat balls cooked in tomato sauce with fresh herbs and aromatic spices topped with baked egg

Lamb Meshoui for two to share

Slow cooked roasted lamb marinated in spices and herbs served with couscous or savoury herby, diced potatoes, dried fruits and vegetables.

Couscous - S’csou Dyal Mema (v)

Excellent treat for Vegetarians and vegans. This wonderful dish includes seven original vegetables, served with Tunisian Herrissa, marinated raisins and homemade sauce on the side.

Mezhor Brochettes

Skewers of lamb, chicken and merguez

Tagine Bel Hout

Whole filleted sea bass marinated in saffron, ginger and garlic, baked and cooked in tomato & herby Moroccan style sauce with a hint of fresh chillies and vegetables. Served with rice or couscous.

Tagine Zhor

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